Beljoy Esther Mini Brass Earrings

$ 14.00

Best. Earrings. Ever. These Esther minis are so pretty and minimal! They go with everything. We think you'll love them as much as we do. 

Béljoy is a distinct line of handcrafted jewelry produced in Haiti + the US by local artisans. Béljoy offers men + women in Haiti the opportunity to earn a dignified and consistent wage through the art of jewelry making. By teaching this trade and paying a superior wage, we hope to encourage women and empower them to provide for their families.

Why Haiti?

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere with 80% of its citizens living below the poverty threshold. Jobs are few and far between. Despite the challenges, the people of Haiti are full of joy and full of hope. We believe the best solution to help people rise out of systemic poverty is the creation of job opportunities - opportunities that will allow the people of Haiti to provide for their families and create security.

Béljoy creates jobs and works with the Haitian people to develop their skills in a way that is dignified, significant, and profitable to the artisans. We also look for opportunities to support the communities  our artisans belong to through education, medical needs, microloans, and more. With a heartbeat for families, our hope is to see the people of Haiti flourish. Béljoy is so much more than jewelry; it is a movement that is restoring dignity and inspiring change. Every purchase made directly affects lives in Haiti and increases the opportunity to bless others.

We are committed to the local sourcing of jewelry components like clay, paper beads, and horn. This makes Béljoy jewelry unique, beautiful, and meaningful to the artisans and to those who wear it. The use of locally sourced elements also enables us to support other Haitian artisans.

Béljoy collaborates with Haiti Made, an entity of Hands and Feet Project, to support our in-country production. We invite you to contact us about visiting our production site in Gressier, next to Haiti Made Cafe where you can watch Béljoy pieces being handcrafted!

Our Name: ‘Béljoy’

The Haitian people have changed our lives, showing us that true joy, despite circumstance, can only come from Jesus. That joy inspires the name Béljoy: BÉL means beautiful in Haiti's native language of Creole. The Haitians’ glad hearts are beautiful and their faces are a clear reflection of the JOY they have.

Restoring dignity and inspiring change,

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