Back In Stock


Did you miss out on some of your favorite clothes and accessories this season because you were waiting for your next paycheck to kick in? Fortunately, you don’t need to fret too much. Lauriebelles is the trendy online clothing boutique that will work on getting those dream items back in stock and in your wardrobe.

Whether you had your eye on a long, flirty maxi dress for the summer or a stylish set of boots for the winter. We do our best to get items back in stock so you can get out on the town with your fashion finds. And if we can’t get those items back in stock, you can always check out our new arrivals, for similar chic, contemporary wear.

With such trendy items to choose from on our online clothing boutique, it is difficult to be able to get everything you want at once, so sometimes you miss out on your opportunity. We suggest bookmarking this page to check if, and when, that amazing jacket or romantic heels you wanted comes back in stock!

Lauriebelles believes that fashion is an art form for someone to express themselves and feel confident in their everyday life. So, we make our customers happy by listening to what they want back in stock and restocking those items as fast as we can. We want you to be able to rock that leather purse you were waiting for the right moment to buy but missed your window of opportunity!

And remember our trendy online clothing boutique has an incredible reward system and discounts! Look into our Lauriebelles app for Android or Apple to unlock those savings. And if you are military or a teacher, we honor you with a 10% off discount on your next order.